As a leader of women’s and human rights agencies and Director General of a billion dollar welfare department, Carmel had a reputation of someone who took difficult jobs and never gave up.  Yet twice she lost herself in difficult reforms so she set out to discover who she really was.


Carmel’s journey began in all the usual places: meditating on mountaintops but it ended in the most surprising and heretical manner.  Her attempt at discovering who she was led her to ask who God was and who everyone else was.  Did God have genealogy with direct descendants on Earth?  If we are all one, how does it work?  If we have physical DNA, why not have spiritual DNA?  She noticed that people who’d made a difference tended to be born at the same time and were especially fit for their purpose.  Was there a plan here?  People like Noah, Plato, Caesar, Isabella of Spain, even the parents of Jesus; all seemed to be born, bred and trained to deliver exactly what their lives demanded of them.  Were they historical accidents or did their Creator, who meticulously and elegantly constructed their universe, plan and their lives with singular care and purpose?

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Finding an obscure rogue, a man hidden in the shadows of the occult tradition, called the Comte de Saint-Germain who claimed to be Noah, Plato, and Joseph, Jesus’ father seemed like a good place to begin but getting a straight answer from someone who’d been dead two hundred years proved difficult.


Enter the Gatekeeper, an eighteenth-century Tibetan Llama channelled through a retired doctor, a truly preposterous being.  An acerbic teacher, he had cryptic answers for everything and he knew the lineages and purposes of everyone, including Saint Germain.


In her first book, The Line to God, Carmel explores the past lives of famous kings, queens, priests, prophets and presidents, and people who made a difference.  She delves into their private and spiritual lives in conversations with the Gatekeeper.


In over two hundred case studies, the irreverent Tibetan opens the gates to dark houses filled with secrets.


He changes the past as he reveals its secrets, leading her through eight thousand years and teasing her, and us, with yet to be discovered archaeological treasures, obscure treasures and hidden scrolls.


This book, the Gatekeeper says, provides a missing piece in the jigsaw of human existence.