As adults we live in an age where we are bombarded with answers and while our scientists crack open medical and chemical codes making our physical world increasingly intelligible, our spiritual world remains unintelligible.  We don’t yet have the answers for questions like:  Who am I?  Where do I come from?  Why am I not a kangaroo? What is my consciousness?  Why does a good God allow evil?  Where does evil come from?  Is there a Divine Plan?  What part might I play in it? If there is a Divine Plan can I shift the blame to God when bad things happen to good people?  Is it possible for our spiritual life to have the more measurable certitudes of chemistry and physics?  If we have physical DNA why don’t we have spiritual DNA?  Does God have a genealogy with direct descendants on the Earth?  


I didn’t set out to discover the answers to these questions, they were just the white noise in my life, instead I set out on a quest to discover the identity of an eighteenth-century diplomat and magician called Comte de Saint-Germain, a man hidden in the shadows of the occult tradition.  What happened next became a search for buried treasure and an accidental discovery of the genealogy of God, of the line to God.














As I tried to discover who I was, I became increasingly fascinated with who everyone else was.  Great circles of illuminated beings fascinated me, especially when they were contrasted with the darker circles of light who opposed them. Churchill and Roosevelt who opposed Stalin and Hitler or King Henry VIII in opposition to Sir Thomas More.  Why are there golden ages of enlightenment?  Like those during the reign of Queen Elizabeth when she was surrounded by Shakespeare, Marlowe, Spenser, Raleigh, Drake and Bacon.  Or of Lorenzo de Medici surrounded by Michelangelo, Raphael, Leonardo, Machiavelli and Botticelli or the unfettered imagination of the Romantic era with Wordsworth, Keats, Byron and the Shelleys, or the founders of the United States, Washington, Adams, Franklin, Paine, Hamilton and Jefferson or the spiritual awakening in Asia from the lives of Buddha, Lao Tzu, and Confucius: all born within fifty years of one another. 


Was it an accident that people of such genius bloomed simultaneously in magnificent bursts of creative energy?  Or was it by design, part of a larger plan, a plan with the same elegance and complexity, which inspired me when I explored the night sky?  If there was a plan, a Divine Plan, what was it and why did evil have to fit into it? 



Why are people born so different – some with towering intellects and creative gifts and others born into lives which extinguish themselves in death almost before they begin?


There is nothing new in my questions or in my search.  The command of the Delphic oracle “Know Thyself” is a universal theme.  It is said that characters who act out the human quest for self-knowledge, like Hamlet or Faust, have sooner or later, dealings with angels, demons, and spirits.  And I was not going to be an exception.  



The Line to God documents the lives of twelve original Masters beginning with St Germain and Mary and finishing with Lord Sananda.  The main guide is the Gatekeeper who leaps the divide between history and myth as he teaches the lessons learned in each Masters’ life he reveals their purpose and assures whether they achieved it.  He allows us to look at their frailties and humanness as they reach for the Divine while showing us the physical and spiritual difficulties they encountered in the limitations of lives of flesh and blood.  The purpose of The Line to God is in the power of the stories of the lives of St Germain and Mary told by an irreverent Tibetan Llama who opens the gates to dark houses filled with secrets as he expounds a different view of the complexities and elegance of the spiritual universe.


In the beginning, my quest was to find and understand St Germain and his mysterious line of descent as he experienced his lives on Earth and to explore how he was connected as an Ascended Master to God.  But underneath there was buried treasure of discovering his feminine counterpart, Mary and the myriad lives of all the Masters.  It was there I discovered a direct link from you and me through each Master to God.


I discovered that each person on this earth, no matter how ordinary or how extraordinary, is an aspect of one of these Masters.  That the Platonic idea of a quest for some perfect other half had a simple explanation.  It’s one step from you to your higher self which must be an aspect of one of twelve original masters and another step to God. But which Master are you?  The ultimate purpose of The Line to God is to know the unknowable, to know God and to understand our spiritual and genetic connection to God and to everyone else.


The Line to God will help you to discover your spiritual DNA and your lineage and unlock where you may fit in the universal pattern.